Sudhir Ahluwalia is a ex member of the Indian Forest Service, a business consultant who has headed multiple consulting groups in Asia’s largest Information Technology company TATA Consultancy Services. He is now full time into writing.

He writes on cutting edge technology areas and trends as well as on natural products.

He speaks on herbs, business and technology.

He writes analytical features on startups and established corporations. Outside of India, he conducts interviews with companies via Skype or on phone.

In 2016 his writing has covered the following areas – natural products business, case studies and emerging trends in natural products, genomics, bioinformatics, drone technology, robotics, e aggregators, healthcare, fintech, networking etc.

In 2016 he has written features on companies based out of India, Hongkong, Australia, Portugal, USA, Canada, UK, France and Singapore.

In 2016 the interviewed companies attended or planning to attend the following events.

  1. Surge 2016 Bangalore India
  2. Rise 2016 Hongkong
  3. Money conf 2016 Madrid
  4. Websummit 2016 Lisbon
  5. Ingredients Marketplace 2016 Orlando, USA
  6. Vita Foods Asia Hongkong, 2016
  7. Slush, Finland, 2016
  8. Tech Asia Bengaluru India, 2016

His articles are released on the following sites based out of the Philippines and the US:


He has managed, supervised or led multidisciplinary teams in India, USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, West Africa, China and Turkey. His clients include Fortune 100 companies like Boeing, ICAO Canada, Government of UK, Government of India, Government of Bhutan, multiple State Governments, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Japan Bank for International Cooperation etc. He has expertise in turning around sick and struggling companies and transforming public sector institutions.

He has been business adviser to multiple consulting firms in IT services and management consulting domain. He has an in depth understanding of business acquisition both by inorganic and organic modes.

He has been India Representative for MRK Nanjing a state owned trade and investment facilitation company of the People’s Republic of China.

His book Holy Herbs is set to launch in the US by July 2017.

He has authored two books- The Indian Forestry Scene and another on Coal Mine Reclamation.

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